Truck and trailer tyres galore


Just as important as making sure your trucks have great quality tyres, is ensuring your trailer tyres are going to stand the test of time. I’m definitely of the opinion that having a reputable supplier of truck goods on your side is invaluable to your business, particularly if you’re as reliant on trucks as I am.

So for those out there wondering who I go through, the answer is Topline Industries. Unbeatable quality and exceptional service makes them the ideal supplier for all of my truck requirements and for anyone who asked I’d highly recommend them. My trucks and trailers have never been in better shape and I truly think it’s thanks to them.


Awesome vending machines Melbourne solutions


It’s an undeniable truth that everyone loves a snack. Whether it’s a packet of chips or something healthier like a banana, we all love a little treat to get to through the day. Given this was the case, I figured an office vending machine would be a great idea for my employees.



Not only would it help satiate any cravings, but the small snack would hopefully promote productivity. For vending machines Melbourne wide, SVA Vending is who you have to speak to. They hooked me up with an awesome drink and snack combination machine and my employees are already loving it, so much so that I think I might invest in another.

Why wear heels when you can get amazing flat shoes?


Personally, I’ve never really liked high heels, but the quest for a nice pair of flat shoes can often be impossible. Most women’s footwear brands seem to have a heavy emphasis on the heel, but for me, it simply isn’t practical, particularly for day-to-day wear. So, I went on a hunt to find flats that were still stylish but ultimately, comfortable.

Luckily for me, it seems that Novo Shoes were aware of my, and many others women’s plights, for a pair of stylish looking flat shoes. They had a varied range of both dressy and casual shoes, all while being extremely affordable. After purchasing one pair it’s fair to say I’m hooked and will definitely return.

The best denim jeans out there


I work in women’s apparel so I’m surrounded by fashion every single day. As such, I’d like to think I have a pretty good handle on what’s in fashion, what looks are the most flattering for certain people, and which brands to look out for. In fact, I’d say that helping women find the perfect pair of denim jeans is my specialty.

With so many brands to choose from, most women often get lost and give up on finding a great pair of jeans, and this is where I come in. Easily my most recommended brand is Nobody Denim who just seem to get jeans and how they should look. I’d go so far as to say they’re the best jean makers out there, and if you’re looking for a pair, start with them.


The best packing and removalists Werribee wide

With a second child on the way, my husband and I knew that we’d need to move as soon as possible. Our currently dwelling barely fit the three of us, and there was hardly a yard for our kids to play in once they grew up. We soon found a new place and wanted to get the move underway as soon as possible. Given I was pregnant and really not much help, we needed the best packing and removalists Werribee could offer us.


Our prayers weren’t answered in the form of McClure’s Moving & Storage who were able to professionally pack all of our belongings and safely and expertly move them to our new place. The whole thing was as easy as it could’ve been and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Spruce up your office with modern rugs

When we moved into our new office space it was in dire need of some sprucing up. Though structurally beautiful, it was quite an industrial looking space, and without a bit of styling was at the risk of looking quite harsh. Of course plants were high on everyone’s list, but a great suggestion was looking into getting some modern rugs across the office.

Being so big, the office would echo with the sound of footsteps, so rugs would definitely help soften the blow as well as adding some much needed colour. We decided to go through Hali, who had sizes, colours and styles that worked within our requirements. It’s amazing the difference a few rugs and plants have made and it’s definitely something I’d recommend to any office.


Consider your options when it comes to breast augmentation

There was never a question as to whether or not I would get breast augmentation, it was always just a matter of what avenue I would take to get it. It’s not as though I wanted anything dramatic, I just wanted about a cup increase to boost my confidence and so I booked a consultation with Avenue Plastic Surgery to get advice on the best option for me.


Of course I was aware of implants, but there was also the option of a fat transfer – I could smooth my hips and thighs and increase the size of my bust in one foul stroke, it nearly seemed too good to be true! My desired one cup increase was a possibility and with the promise of natural feeling breasts, it was an easy decision to go through with the surgery. Now more confident than ever, I’m ready to take on the world.

A great range of bathroom vanities Melbourne wide


Every morning when I stumbled into the bathroom, struggling to wake up, I was affronted by my old, dreary bathroom vanity. I know for most this wouldn’t seem like that big of a deal, but to me, it’s really the little things that get under my skin. I guess when it came down to it, the bare bones of the vanity was fine, but a facelift wouldn’t have gone astray. Luckily for me, Universal Timbers shared my passion for stylish and modern bathroom vanities Melbourne wide. They suggested I simply replace the doors and counter to freshen up my tired old vanity and were happy to deliver and install what I needed. Mornings aren’t quite as difficult now, waking up to a beautiful bathroom vanity!

A great web developer Melbourne wide


My old company website was a real mess. Most of the links wouldn’t work, and when they did, they were going to the wrong places. The information was outdated and overall, it was a real embarrassment when people were visiting the site. I had made it myself to save money, but realistically, it was more of a deterrent than anything so I knew looking for a great web developer Melbourne wide was essential. The team at Splashbox were exactly what I was looking for and would be able to turn my mess of a website into something that actually works – both to provide potential customers with the information they need and to persuade them to visit our business. My website is now truly unrecognisable thanks to Splashbox and feel less embarrassed to direct customers there.

The best place to buy shoes online Australia wide


Winter is on the horizon and I’ve been feeling utterly unprepared. My wardrobe is full of summer dresses and sandals, and really, who has time to go shopping? I thought maybe online shopping would work, but I’m never home and would more than likely miss the package and getting to the post office can be a hassle. So what’s a girl to do? It was actually a co-worker that suggested I get online shopping orders delivered to my workplace – genius I thought! Someone is always around to collect and I knew the best place to buy shoes online Australia wide. Naturalizer shoes are super comfortable and they have a big range of boots, surely to keep my feet warm. I now have a pair on the way and winter is becoming a lot less daunting.