What is Gluten Free?


Gluten free or gluten free food is anything without the protein complex gluten. You find it most commonly in wheat and barley and intolerance to gluten is typically associated with celiac disease. These days plenty of people are avoiding gluten rich foods because they experience reactions and discomfort from consuming too much gluten.

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Data Processing Made Easy


The thing about a really capable BPO service is you don’t have to limit the tasks you send them to menial, low skilled tasks. We’ve found, as our confidence in BPO Away has grown, we’re giving them more and more complicated and important tasks to manage. This is confidence they have really earned. When we go away for short and long periods of time, for business and leisure travel, they help us out so much.

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Flat Shoes That Fit


I have a larger than average foot and can never find quite the shoes I want in the shops I visit. Usually if they happen to have my size available it will be in a colour or style that I don’t want. Novo have solved all of my troubles. I visited their website and was so surprised by the amount of flat shoes they had on offer. I was able to order the exact style I wanted in my favourite colour, and they had my size!

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Denim Jeans from LTB


I have not been a jeans wearer for a long time. It’s a strange confession, many people just sort of laugh at you. I know people that would save their jeans from a burning house but I’ve never been that sort of person. When I put on a bit of weight, and then a little more I just wore them less and less until one day jeans were sort of dead to me.

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