Some storage solutions in Melbourne just do it better

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You won’t find better storage solutions in Melbourne than the facilities and units at Discount City Storage. We use them to store all of our product lines that we can’t fit in the stock supply room. They are around the corner from our business and we are at our unit on almost a weekly basis. Everyone in the area knows what a great business ethic and model they have down there. Continue reading

Construction Insurance for any Budget


Budget construction insurance and construction insurance on a budget are two very different things. We are pretty new in the came and think long and hard about the money we spend because we simply can’t afford to be careless with spending at this stage. I have been in the industry long enough to know that construction insurance is right up there with quality training and quality equipment when it comes to importance. Continue reading

The Bugaboo Cameleon Does it All


I love a long list of features with everything I buy. I don’t wear watches because they are single function devices and that just seems wasteful to me. My partner and I have pretty varied lives and what each of us gets up to individually can also be pretty varied. We travel and we’re active and we spend time with friends, we both work though I only work part time and not in an office.,

Continue reading