My Bookkeeper Port Melbourne

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I have been in Port Melbourne for a year now and I work from home. I don’t like to go out more than is necessary and live my life more or less within 5-10km of my home. I venture out on the weekends and for holidays but when it comes to the day to day, being smart about geography is a great way to be efficient. Continue reading

Best Plumber Richmond

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Richmond is a great place to live close to all the action of the city, the Yarra and Melbourne’s sporting precinct.

We hate the traffic and the dodgy industrial areas but there are lots of nice streets throughout the suburb and great things happening here.

We’ve been in Richmond for about two years now and have slowly gotten settled in our home.

One thing we had to take care of and have now finally done were the bathrooms. We have an old townhouse and it just had the one bathroom down the back off the kitchen.

It was all pretty worn and unpleasant but redoing everything was a fun little exercise. Watermaster Plumbing were a great help in what became a really big plumbing job.

For a plumber in Richmond they really know their stuff.

Mobile Car Service Kings


Ace Mechanics wrote the book on mobile car service. There are one or two other operators out there doing the same sort of thing but not with the same care and quality, of that I’m certain. I know a thing or two about car mechanics having raced cars as an amateur for much of my youth. Continue reading

Bond Assistance Professionals

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My word is my bond but most landlords want a little more. It’s a sad situation that honour means nothing these days but I suppose that is the world we live in. while I have many a word I’m just a little short on funds at the moment. I wouldn’t say I live hand to mouth but I am a freelance writer so there are good days and bad ones. Continue reading