For a natural kidney detox, head straight to PPC Herbs


Unfortunately, kidney disease is common in my family. I’ve recently been diagnosed with it, and thankfully while it’s not too serious it’s definitely something I want to tackle straight away before it becomes a more serious issue later in life. I asked the doctor if natural, herbal remedies would work and she suggested I may as well give them a go. It’s not every day that a doctor tells you to go for an herbal medicine over a modern one. I’ve always been pretty conscious of using herbal, natural alternatives wherever possible as I’m a little sceptical of modern medicines and their relationships with big pharmaceutical companies. A company I’ve used in the past is PPC Herbs and I went straight back to them this time around. They’ve got heaps of great options for kidney detox including the Fluid Plex range which is fast acting and completely plant-based. I’m talking parsley leaf, gravel root, golden rod herb and hydrangea. I’m glad I caught my illness early, as it means I’ve now got time to test these herbal remedies and see if they work. If not, I’m more than happy to go back to the doctor and seek further medical advice.