Driving Lessons Made Simple


For a long time I thought I just wouldn’t be one of those people who drove. I lived pretty close to the inner city and was happy getting to work and uni by train or on my bike. It was only when I got pregnant that I decided as a mum, it’s probably a skill I’d want to have.  My boyfriend was a little short on time and patience to teach me. He gave me a few lessons but I just didn’t like learning from him so much.

Excel Drive were great for me because they didn’t make me feel silly for not having gotten my license years ago. They offer a range of driving lessons Adelaide, with quite a few instructors that are all really nice. They really make driving lesson simple.

Mission Hills Golf Holiday


China Golf Experience are masters when it comes to mission hills Shenzhen. I’ve been a few times before but never experienced it like we did because of their itinerary and the wonderful thing they had planned for us. Somehow they had thought of everything from transfers and tours, to meal suggestions and tee times that suited our schedule perfectly.

It’s so nice to have a holiday that was actually a holiday, where literally all the hard work was done for us and we could just relax and enjoy. This year was a particularly tough one at work and I got exactly the kind of holiday I needed thanks to China Golf Experience. There is no one like them for golf holidays.

Lovely Engagement Rings


One of the first things I want to see when a friend gets engaged is the engagement ring. All my friends wanted to hear how Adam proposed, and where… and some wanted to know why, ha! All of them wanted to see the ring though and I was so happy to show them, not just because it was a sign of our love but because of the stunning choice he made.

I don’t imagine finding engagement rings is easy, and there are a lot of engagement rings Melbourne. Obviously he asked around because he found Bensimon Diamonds and they make only beautiful engagement rings with only the best diamonds. It’s where I would have sent him had he asked but I’m so glad he didn’t

Secure your home via bond assistance


In the fastest turnaround in history, Rent Bond Move, the specialists in bond loans, were the key players in helping us secure our dream home. I’ll explain what happened – my fiancé and I had been tentatively shopping around for houses and going to the odd auction here and there. We didn’t have the immediate need nor funds to actually purchase a home, but we were hoping to buy in the near future so began going to auctions to observe the process and the current market. I don’t know what hit us one sunny Saturday afternoon in February, but we literally found ourselves with a new home after being the highest bidders. Admittedly we had both come from a barbecue where we had enjoyed a few drinks, but I personally think we were both just feeling auspicious that day and reached for the gold. So there we were, two young adults in love, and in debt, now with a home. This of course meant a mortgage and having to cut back on our spending for a while.

Perhaps we were just young and naïve, but the concept of a house bond had completely slipped our mind, and we actually didn’t have the liquidity, and couldn’t pay for the bond. Thank the heavens the real estate agent steered us in the direction of Rent Bond Move who were able to provide us with bond assistance and before we knew it the cash was in our account fast and fuss-free so that we could pay the bond, and secure the beautiful new house!

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Melbourne

wedding dresses

People like to lose their minds over a wedding. I understand the importance of course and like anyone, I’ve looked forward to mine for a long time. How I imagined it changed over the years as I had the good fortune to get married a little later than many of my friends, and see from them what worked and what didn’t.

It was pretty clear from early on that you can really get the dress wrong. I think I know my body shape pretty well and I know what works for me so I never thought getting the right dress would be hard, but it really can. My extensive search brought me to The Designer Bridal Room. They have dozens of wedding dresses Melbourne at a reasonable price. No surprise they had exactly what I was looking for.

Fast Underfloor Heating


I used to have underfloor heating back when it was still pretty rare. We paid a fortune for the system to be installed and it was never that fantastic. I loved the heat it provided but it always just took too long to get the floors nice and toasty on really cold days.

Speedheat have really changed all of that with fast underfloor heating elements that are designed to make floors nice and warm in minutes, not hours. The difference is really noticeable and it runs a lot cheaper than the old system as well. Installation was pretty straightforward and we were really impressed with the service and quality. I would gladly recommend them and use them again for underfloor heating.

Bond loans QLD renters recommend


The first time I moved out, I think I got so excited and carried away with buying new furnishings for my home, that I failed to remember to save for my bond. Consequently, when it came near to the time to pay, I was a quite a bit short on the bond money. Lucky for me, my friend happens to work as a property manager, and directed me to speak to Bond Loans Brisbane.

As they had the bond loans QLD renters recommended, they seemed like the best choice to get me on my feet financially. And, true to my friend’s recommendation, in no time at all I had the small loan I needed to assist me in successfully moving. Simple.

An SEM team that will get your business out there


When I first started my business something that I knew was important to me and something that I was willing to invest in was SEM or online marketing. I was running a small online boutique that stocked Australian designers after finding popularity through my social media pages. Sure, I found some business through those, however I knew that some form of marketing would really make me competitive and most importantly, rank me higher online.

Obviously my speciality was in trend forecasting as opposed to marketing so I knew I’d need to outsource and I found the best and most competitive to be Traffic Box. My campaign is only in the early stages but I’m already seeing great results.

In Sydney point of sale systems matter!


The hospitality industry is notorious for the fickle nature of its employees, and I certainly do not stray from this normality. As a result, I’d like to this I’m something of an expert in what makes a certain café or restaurant enjoyable to work in. Obviously great staff is a major one and is probably what drives most people to either remain in a position or seek new employment.

However, oddly enough for Sydney point of sale systems that a restaurant uses is a lesser known contributor to employee satisfaction. I know personally I prefer something that’s easy to use and quick to learn. I think one of the best I’ve used was from OrderMate given their knowledge of the hospitality industry and would happily work anywhere that utilises them.

You’ve completed your learners driving test, what next?


As the youngest in my group of friends, when my 16th birthday was finally on the horizon, I was itching to take my learners driving test as soon as was possible. I had it booked for the morning of my birthday and practically was counting down the hours. More than this, I was eager to start learning to drive as soon as I could, but I was certainly cautious that I would be being taught by educated instructors.

This is why following the successful passing of my learner’s test I decided to book in lessons at Excel Drive. Some of my friends had been getting lessons through them already and commented that they felt ready to drive alone already, so really the choice was easy.