If you’re looking for bond loans NSW, then I’ve got the recommendation for you


If you live in Sydney then you’ll probably agree with me – of all of the monthly expenses that I have, rent is easily the biggest. I suppose that’s the price you’ve got to pay for living in one of the coolest cities in the world, however every now and then it can get a little difficult financially. For example, saving for a bond in Sydney for a new property can sometimes be ludicrously time consuming, so it was a warm welcome when I found out about bond loans NSW renters loved.

In particular, those from Bond-Loans were notoriously quick and easy to be approved for, with no nasty surprises in your repayments. Now, whether it’s a bond I need or even to cover removalists, I always speak to Bond-Loans about a bond loan.

In Sydney point of sale systems matter!


The hospitality industry is notorious for the fickle nature of its employees, and I certainly do not stray from this normality. As a result, I’d like to this I’m something of an expert in what makes a certain café or restaurant enjoyable to work in. Obviously great staff is a major one and is probably what drives most people to either remain in a position or seek new employment.

However, oddly enough for Sydney point of sale systems that a restaurant uses is a lesser known contributor to employee satisfaction. I know personally I prefer something that’s easy to use and quick to learn. I think one of the best I’ve used was from OrderMate given their knowledge of the hospitality industry and would happily work anywhere that utilises them.

Truck and trailer tyres galore


Just as important as making sure your trucks have great quality tyres, is ensuring your trailer tyres are going to stand the test of time. I’m definitely of the opinion that having a reputable supplier of truck goods on your side is invaluable to your business, particularly if you’re as reliant on trucks as I am.

So for those out there wondering who I go through, the answer is Topline Industries. Unbeatable quality and exceptional service makes them the ideal supplier for all of my truck requirements and for anyone who asked I’d highly recommend them. My trucks and trailers have never been in better shape and I truly think it’s thanks to them.


Awesome vending machines Melbourne solutions


It’s an undeniable truth that everyone loves a snack. Whether it’s a packet of chips or something healthier like a banana, we all love a little treat to get to through the day. Given this was the case, I figured an office vending machine would be a great idea for my employees.



Not only would it help satiate any cravings, but the small snack would hopefully promote productivity. For vending machines Melbourne wide, SVA Vending is who you have to speak to. They hooked me up with an awesome drink and snack combination machine and my employees are already loving it, so much so that I think I might invest in another.

My Bookkeeper Port Melbourne

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I have been in Port Melbourne for a year now and I work from home. I don’t like to go out more than is necessary and live my life more or less within 5-10km of my home. I venture out on the weekends and for holidays but when it comes to the day to day, being smart about geography is a great way to be efficient. Continue reading

Construction Insurance for any Budget


Budget construction insurance and construction insurance on a budget are two very different things. We are pretty new in the came and think long and hard about the money we spend because we simply can’t afford to be careless with spending at this stage. I have been in the industry long enough to know that construction insurance is right up there with quality training and quality equipment when it comes to importance. Continue reading