Easy Process for Bond Loans QLD


Organising QLD bond loans should be a walk in the park but I guess that, being the sort of person who needs bond loans QLD, you could assume I don’t have the best credit history. That’s not entirely true though and while I don’t make heaps of cash, I’m retty reliable with paying off my credit card and I don’t really have much debt except for my university HECS debt.

I moved out for the first time last year and it was a bit of a financial strain. I am not built for the share house life which meant I had to take on the commitment alone. I needed a new fridge and washer and all the rest and it was all pretty expensive. The only way I was able to manage this was with a loan from Bond Loans QLD and despite my brief credit history, they really made it an easy process to get approved

Secure your home via bond assistance


In the fastest turnaround in history, Rent Bond Move, the specialists in bond loans, were the key players in helping us secure our dream home. I’ll explain what happened – my fiancé and I had been tentatively shopping around for houses and going to the odd auction here and there. We didn’t have the immediate need nor funds to actually purchase a home, but we were hoping to buy in the near future so began going to auctions to observe the process and the current market. I don’t know what hit us one sunny Saturday afternoon in February, but we literally found ourselves with a new home after being the highest bidders. Admittedly we had both come from a barbecue where we had enjoyed a few drinks, but I personally think we were both just feeling auspicious that day and reached for the gold. So there we were, two young adults in love, and in debt, now with a home. This of course meant a mortgage and having to cut back on our spending for a while.

Perhaps we were just young and naïve, but the concept of a house bond had completely slipped our mind, and we actually didn’t have the liquidity, and couldn’t pay for the bond. Thank the heavens the real estate agent steered us in the direction of Rent Bond Move who were able to provide us with bond assistance and before we knew it the cash was in our account fast and fuss-free so that we could pay the bond, and secure the beautiful new house!