Fast Underfloor Heating


I used to have underfloor heating back when it was still pretty rare. We paid a fortune for the system to be installed and it was never that fantastic. I loved the heat it provided but it always just took too long to get the floors nice and toasty on really cold days.

Speedheat have really changed all of that with fast underfloor heating elements that are designed to make floors nice and warm in minutes, not hours. The difference is really noticeable and it runs a lot cheaper than the old system as well. Installation was pretty straightforward and we were really impressed with the service and quality. I would gladly recommend them and use them again for underfloor heating.

Spruce up your office with modern rugs

When we moved into our new office space it was in dire need of some sprucing up. Though structurally beautiful, it was quite an industrial looking space, and without a bit of styling was at the risk of looking quite harsh. Of course plants were high on everyone’s list, but a great suggestion was looking into getting some modern rugs across the office.

Being so big, the office would echo with the sound of footsteps, so rugs would definitely help soften the blow as well as adding some much needed colour. We decided to go through Hali, who had sizes, colours and styles that worked within our requirements. It’s amazing the difference a few rugs and plants have made and it’s definitely something I’d recommend to any office.