The best land for sale Whittlesea abound


My whole family has lived in the one suburb for four generations and when I was ready to buy my own house, I didn’t want to stray far from tradition. My friends, extended family, my doctor, my hairdresser, all based in Whittlesea, which was reason enough for me to want to stay around the area, but really I just loved the location.

As such, my partner and I searched high and low for land for sale Whittlesea wide only to come up short within our budget. I was mildly disheartened, however kept up the search and found a nice little plot of land just 15 minutes out in Katandra Rise. The house and land package was competitive and the location was great, so it was an easy decision to follow through.

For cost effectiveness and style your solution could be hydronic heating boilers


Winter is here! Well, it’s not technically here for another two months, but walking outside you’d think it had already hit. I mean, if this is what we’re experiencing in autumn, who knows what we’ll get in winter. It was this realisation which finally prompted me to look into organising a heating solution for my notoriously cold home. There were a few reasons holding me back, the major one being cost, but it was while putting on a third pair of socks that I knew a decision had to be made. I did some research and found that homes that had installed hydronic heating boilers were estimated to be 35% more cost effective than ducted heating. It felt within the realm of possibility for my budget so I have liaised with Hunt Heating to have a radiator installed before real winter comes.

The best blinds money can buy


I love a good deal. There are so many rip-off artists out there, and it pays to do your due diligence. Whenever I’m spending a lot of money on a product or service, I like to make sure I’m getting the best deal possible and value for my money. Most recently, that was with Blockout Blinds. My wife and I were renovating our kitchen and the finishing touch was the windows. We wanted blinds instead of curtains as they’re easier to use and clean, and a bit more durable in an area like the kitchen. A friend of mine worked in the industry, and he recommended Blockout Blinds. As always, I did my research and they seemed to come up as the winner. Great prices, exceptional service, and their product range was unlike anything I’d ever seen. The guys came out straight away, measured everything up and gave us a quote on the spot. Done. They’re coming out next week to install the blinds and I couldn’t be happier.

Vertical Garden from O2 Plantwalls


A vertical garden is a great idea for anyone because they just look so good. In an office or a shop or in the garden at home; I’ve seen a few I didn’t like but the good ones are really good and such an interesting way to use space. We seem to be getting more and more city centric and while many of us can only dream of a tree change, we know there’s too much on offer being close to a great place like Melbourne.

For me I can handle a small town house so long as I have a little bit of greenery and that is exactly what I get with my O2 Plantwall. They put together all kinds of vertical gardens and they really understand that it has to be easy and convenient. Ours looks beautiful, it smells wonderful and it’s just my favourite part of the house.


Haven Fencing Gates


When we moved it was sort of hasty and we underestimated all of the changes we’d want to get the new place exactly how we wanted it. When it came to the fences and gates we had prepared for a bit of a hit but some of the quotes we got were just ridiculous. Thankfully my brother recommended we speak to Haven Fencing who were actually amazing.

We needed driveway gates in Melbourne and I think what we got from Haven Fencing was a real steal. It wasn’t just the quality of the fences but of the installation, service and general professionalism. I haven’t stopped raving about them and all too often I’m exactly the opposite with this sort of thing. You really should get them out to look at your place before going ahead with anyone else.

Best Plumber Richmond

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Richmond is a great place to live close to all the action of the city, the Yarra and Melbourne’s sporting precinct.

We hate the traffic and the dodgy industrial areas but there are lots of nice streets throughout the suburb and great things happening here.

We’ve been in Richmond for about two years now and have slowly gotten settled in our home.

One thing we had to take care of and have now finally done were the bathrooms. We have an old townhouse and it just had the one bathroom down the back off the kitchen.

It was all pretty worn and unpleasant but redoing everything was a fun little exercise. Watermaster Plumbing were a great help in what became a really big plumbing job.

For a plumber in Richmond they really know their stuff.

Bond Assistance Professionals

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My word is my bond but most landlords want a little more. It’s a sad situation that honour means nothing these days but I suppose that is the world we live in. while I have many a word I’m just a little short on funds at the moment. I wouldn’t say I live hand to mouth but I am a freelance writer so there are good days and bad ones. Continue reading

Some storage solutions in Melbourne just do it better

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You won’t find better storage solutions in Melbourne than the facilities and units at Discount City Storage. We use them to store all of our product lines that we can’t fit in the stock supply room. They are around the corner from our business and we are at our unit on almost a weekly basis. Everyone in the area knows what a great business ethic and model they have down there. Continue reading

Construction Insurance for any Budget


Budget construction insurance and construction insurance on a budget are two very different things. We are pretty new in the came and think long and hard about the money we spend because we simply can’t afford to be careless with spending at this stage. I have been in the industry long enough to know that construction insurance is right up there with quality training and quality equipment when it comes to importance. Continue reading